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Accomodation rules

Dear guests! Please book visiting of Relax Park Verholy in advance, as well as all related services of the complex!

1. The check-in is carried out upon presentation of a civil passport by the Guest and after 100 % advance payment for the whole period of stay at the hotel VERHOLY Relax Park (hereinafter, the Hotel).

2. Check in time is 3:00 pm, and check out time is 12:00 pm by Local time.

3. In case of late arrival after the check-in date, the Guest doesn`t get any compensation for the amount of unused services.

4. Payment for accomodation is made according to actual tariffs at the time of stay in the Hotel, for the whole declared  period.

5. According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, Article 268, the tourist fee of 0.9% of the cost for the whole period of hotel accomodation (excluding VAT) is not included in the room cost and must be paid additionally. With a presence of a business trip certificate, the guests will be exempted from payment of the tourist fee.

6. Payment for additional services is made in full, according to the approved hotel price list.

7. Accomodation of children under 6 y.o., sharing parents' room without an extra bed cannot be charged. Accomodation of the children older than 12 y.o. will be charged fully according to the actual price list. Accomodation of the children aged six to twelve years will be charged under the tariff of extra bed.

8. In case of early check-in from 6 am to 2 pm and late check-out to 7 pm, the accomodation fee is charged additionally at the rate of 50%  of the daily rate. When leaving after 7 pm the accommodation fee is charged as for a full day. In case of the departure after 12:30 the Guest will be fined in the amount of 500 UAH.

9. The Guest can prolong his stay at the Hotel exclusively by prior agreement and on room availability.

10. About changes agreed date and time of departure must be reported to the reception desk of the Hotel, no later than 24 hours before the estimated time.

11. In case of early departure or in case of no-show, all unused funds will be returned to the Guest, provided he notifies the Hotel`s reception of his decision at least 48 hours in advance.

12. In the interests of own security, it is not recommended to invite little familiar people to the room or the chalet.

13. After 23:00 your visitors, non-residents of the Hotel, are obliged to register and pay their stay or to leave the territory of the complex VERHOLY Relax Park (hereinafter, the Complex).

14. The Guest is requested to treat the property of the Complex with due care. In case of intentional / unintentional damage / loss of the property, the payment is made according to the approved price list.

15. If there is a safe in the room / chalet, it is recommended to store valuable things in it. When there is not any, you can leave valuables in the hotel safe at reception.

16. It is requested to treat other Guests with respect and not to make noise in the rooms / chalets after 23:00.

17. It is forbidden smoking of tobacco products and hookah in the rooms / chalets of the Hotel.

18. The Guest must comply with the fire safety rules and the sanitary regulations. It is forbidden to keep flammable and explosive materials in the rooms and  use fireworks, firecrackers, confetti, serpentine and other pyrotechnics on the territory.

19.On the territory of the complex is PROHIBITED  to bring food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks wich purchased outside the complex.

20. When air conditioner is on, for maximal cooling / heating of the room and prevention of damage to the Hotel property, it is requested to close all the windows and doors of the room / chalet you live in.

21. Leaving the room / chalet, in order to prevent damage to the property, senseless electricity consumption and for personal safety, will you please close the taps and windows, turn off the light, TV. Make sure that your magnetic key-card is not in the energy saving switch on leaving the room.

22. On the checkout day, in order to organize your departure and completely pay for the services provided, it is requested to contact the reception of the Hotel 30 minutes before check out time.

23. Keeping animals at the Hotel is permitted only on the territory of Chalets №1, 2, 3, 4. Keeping animals in the other rooms and chalets and bringing them to guest areas on the territory of the Complex is strongly forbidden.

24. The Guests have access to parking area on the territory of VERHOLY Relax Park. The management of the Complex is not responsible for Guests` valuable things left in the car.

25. Upon booking massage or equestrian sports complex services, if  the Guest is going to cancel them, he should inform the reception desk 2 hours or more before the service.

26. For security reasons kids are not allowed to ran around and play in restaurant area. Use of bikes, self-balancing scooters etc. is strictly prohibited.

27. Fine for the loss of the key – 100 UAH.

28. Fine for the violation of accomodation rules – 1000 UAH.

29. At the checking in the Guest receives a Verholy Pool card. This card is a deposit for having a pool towel. Each time, visiting the pool area, the Guest can exchange this card for one towel at the reception desk of the pool area. After the end of rest at the pool the Guest should exchange a used towel for the card. The Verholy Pool card is returned with the key on checking out. In case of no return, there is a fine in the amount of 500 UAH for the loss of a towel.


Administration of Relax Park VERHOLY

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