Initially, the horses worked only at riding. In course of time, taking into account the wishes of the guests to engage in show jumping, individual training lessons of show jumping for children and adults were included to the range of services offered by EC. The experienced professionals have been invited to work as coaches: 

• Krasun Yuri, Master of Sport – coach, working with sport horses and athletes, 

• Zarochentseva Julia, Candidate for Master of Sport – coach, working with sport horses and athletes, 

• Karpenko Sophia, trainer – instructor, working with children and beginners, 

• Dneprovskaya Olga, trainer – instructor, working with children and beginners. 

Nowadays, the stable of RelaxPark VERHOLY has eleven horses of different breeds, age and purpose. Horses can be divided into three categories: 

• Riding - Aliandro, Dollar, Binnert, Karamel, Knopa, Kadet

• Sporting - Con-Amore, 

• Sporting horses (beginners) - Delafer, Geli, Milan, Jackpot, Calcutta. 

All sport horses work on a special program, which allows young horses to develop both physically and mentally and be prepared  for the first start, as well as older horses - to improve the skills of overcoming more challenging routes in their age categories, improve their physical condition. 

Care and feeding of horses are strictly regulated. The horses are fed six times a day: three times a day they get  balanced food, another three times daily they receive hay. Each stall has a automatic drinking bowl. The stable is equipped with a shower room for horses with warm water supply and a heater with infrared radiation. The use of this equipment contributes to the prevention of animal diseases related with heavy physical exertion.  

If desired, you can feed horses after the training, but only with the permission of the instructor.