Perhaps nothing can so thoroughly relieve fatigue, as pleasure and the general recovery from the session of professional massage. The specialists of RelaxPark VERHOLY invite to combine the relaxing effect of steam room and the bliss of massage.

We strictly adhere to the best traditions of classical massage. Service is provided by a qualified massage therapist.

The most popular with our guests is the sauna whisk massage, which increases blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the skin, slows the aging process. Under the steam the birch and oak whisks actively exude volatile phytoncides - biologically active substances that kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. That is why the steam room and a birch whisk in the folk medicine are the first tools in the fight against seasonal illnesses.

It is recommended to take a steam, as the science prescribes and not torture your body with a senseless beating. It is  a real art. The whisk is periodically moistened with warm water. The movements of whisks, performed by a bath attendant, are soft, careful. They only slightly touch the body. The temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, one needs to watch, in order that steam will not burn the skin.

The fans of relaxing, SOAPY-BIRCH MASSAGE call it  a "massage-bliss." We use this massage to warm up the body, or vice versa, to complete bath procedure, it is to you to decide. Despite the apparent simplicity of  this massage, it makes an unforgettable impression on the person who is taking a steam. The bath attendant, using a birch whisk, is whisking soapy water which is in the bucket into the foam. When the foam starts to climb out of the bucket, the bath attendant rakes it and throws the foam onto the body of the person, who is under the massage. By wide sweeping movements of whisk, this foam is rubbed in, in order that every section of the body of the person, who takes a steam, was worked through. This is repeated for several times. Each time starts by pouring a bucket of slightly warm water on the lying person. Birch leaf is a strong adsorbent. Together with soap and water, they make a powerful cleansing ensemble. And plus the hot water, which softens a body... And the rubbing itself ... Getting up after such a procedure is not very desirable ...

HONEY-SALT MASSAGE is an effective procedure to improve the condition of the skin and as a preparatory stage in the programs of body care (anti-cellulite, anti-aging, toning, moisturizing), figure correction, de-stress, overall body recovery, mineralization of the skin. ...

Honey, possessing bactericidal, stimulant effect, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, easily and fully absorbed through the skin. Peeling, made by honey-salt mixture in combination with a variety of aromatic oils, perfectly cleanses the skin by removing toxins, improves the texture of fabrics, moisturizes and nourishes skin by saturating it with minerals and trace elements, stimulates circulation, enhances cell regeneration, improves metabolism. This peeling will help to preserve youth and health of skin.

Service Name


Duration of Service


Price in UAH

Weekday tariff

Weekend tariff




Full body massage

60 min


Back massage

30 min


Sports massage

60 min


Anti Cellulite massage

35 min


Lymphdrainage massage

60 хв


Honey-salt scrub

20 хв


Hammam foam massage

40 хв


Sauna whisk massage

15 хв


Soapy-birch massage

20 хв


Foot massage

25 хв


Head massage

25 хв


*Cancellation or postponement of the service, reserved by you, should be made in advance, not later than 2 hours before the scheduled time. In this case, payment for not provided services will not be charged. If you cancel or postpone the time of service less than 2 hours before the scheduled time, you will be charged at a rate of 100% of the cost of service.

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